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Tap inspect

I’ve been using Tap Inspect for 3 or 4 years now and found it much easier and much less aggravation then when I was using other programs. I only do 40 to 50 inspections a year and this app has made it very affordable for me. Updates and the programing has been getting better every year and I look forward to seeing what’s next and using it further in the years to come.

Tap Inspect

This app saves me hours of report writing a week. Easy to use features makes it possible to deliver the inspection report on site! Dan at Ketchikan Home Inspection.

Simple. Customizable.

I have been using TapInspect for a fee years now and it only gets better with each update.

From H&L Home Inspections

I love the app it’s amazing it’s easy to use I recommend it to anyone who is learning or trying to get the hang of home inspecting thank you so much.

Awesome app

I give this app five stars only because it’s great and also great customer service they returned my call I believe the gentleman I spoke with his name was Mike gave me all the information I needed also guided me through I recommend this application to everyone

Killer App

I love this app! It’s very user friendly and adaptable to my style of inspection. Very easy to change templates and customize, based on the needs of the client (or me.) I’ve built enough of a library (previous comments) that I spend more time inspecting and being thorough, than I do report writing. I’m capable of finishing reports while on site, but generally complete and polish within an hour after I’m done (mainly, because I choose and like to edit and mark-up photos, all of which is done in the app.) If you’re a new inspector, I can’t say enough about how well Tap will help you leave “no stone unturned.” It’s all about CYA, right? There are red question marks for everything you have not addressed, until you address it. User/subscriber since 2013.

One word Awesome!

I just downloaded this app to do my reports. This app is one word Awesome! Ease of use to guided inspection it’s simply amazing!

Best ever

This is by far the best inspection app ever created. Keeps improving quickly. Love the updates. Making my life easier.

Great software

I have used this for the past 4 years and its so easy to set up and set it up to your standards...plus the owners use it and of course can assist you in your inquires... so no guessing on that part👍🏻


Excellent program for home inspections

Great App!

I use this App everyday and the tech support is very responsive and always answers my questions.

The best app around

By far the best inspection app out there. Easy to use and customer services is great.


This is perfect for field work, I have my office everywhere, amazing tool!

Able to keep up

I've been using Tap for several years now. Tap allows me to compete most of my report while at the property. If the client is there I don't tend to get as much of the comments completed but I get all the photos where they need to be. Later, I just dictate the comments. My only request is that they add ISN support. I love this App though and can't see using another. I'll do 400+ inspections this year hopefully.

Look no further

I've been a home inspector for 15 years, and this is THE best home inspection app and report on the market. I refer to this as the meat and potatoes of home inspection reports. No more abundant useless information, get straight to the point and word it exactly how you want it. Clients love it because it is generated right on the inspection site. You can even go over all the points of interest with the client on your iPhone or iPad. There isn't a better professional home inspection app out there. I've almost used them all!!

Proprietor Quicksilver Home Inspections

Tap inspect is the easiest reporting software I've used to date. I've tried others and they are cumbersome and confusing. Tap inspect makes my life a breeze. It is truly one stop shopping for all your report needs. It's very adaptable to whatever you want to do with it. I only need my phone to complete an inspection while on site. I can send it to the customer before I leave the property. That's the best part! I don't need to spend hours downloading and uploading from my PC or Laptop. Once you build your library, which won't take long, it's all in there BAM! At your literal fingertips. Ready to go. Awesome app. The support staff is beyond helpful and make every accommodation to ensure your satisfaction. The one on one with the founder of the company speaks volumes for the level of service provided. Who answers every email personally? Michael Wirth does. That's impressive to say the least, I've never gotten better customer service from an owner of a company. Ever. It feels like he really cares, I'm thinking because he does. There are very few who do. Michael Wirth is special and so is this product. It hasn't let me down and I don't think it will. Great products. Thomas Merk Quicksilver Home Inspections Merchantville Nj


As a new inspector starting out, Tap Inspect is here to put you in business and make you profitable. The team here goes above and beyond for the little guy! Companies like this build clients for life!

Gant Home Inspections

This is by far the best HI app or perhaps software I've ever used. Been using it for 3 years now with no issue.

Makes my job easy

This app saves me hours on every single inspection. It also protects me by having a prebuilt template which follows industry best practices. Templates are fully customizable. Their technical support team always responds quickly to my requests and has been able to provide me with solutions and answers every time.


Excellent: 10 Stars!! Totally portable. Automatically puts pics & comments together. Seamless with SIRI (no more typing). Completely customizable. Automatic Summaries & Table of contents. Reposition everything anywhere you want. Save/Make/Create/Update Templates and comments on the fly while inspecting. Syncs beautifully/quickly back/forth to/from iPhone/iPad. No PC NEEDED! Customer service: Top Notch! I'm around four years on the full monthly service plan. I'm over 20yrs. in biz. and my reports are 80 to 150 ages each with 75 to 200+ pictures...and this app Handles it, easily! Need arrows & txt on you're pictures? Download an app called "Skitch", it'll do it nicely.

Great app, one problem

Please fix the photo taking bug that renders the preview screen black while taking photos. This happens exactly one out of every two photos. The app records the photo just fine but every other picture you have to guess that your pointing the camera at the right object then snap the photo and wait to see if it worked out.

Revised Review... This is the Inspection App I needed!

The improvements to this app are amazing! I have done two inspections so far.... only around 40 pages but I definitely have a feel for this App and its GREAT! Very stable now. The integration between my iPhone 6 and iPad is flawless. I collected all the data on my phone and tuned upped the final report on my iPad. I am a General contractor and only do a few home inspections a year, but this App works so well I am considering promoting home inspections more because its so much easer with this App. If you do home inspections get this App!

Tap Inspect works great for me.

After using Home Gauge for 3 years I needed a quick and easy to use app for my I phone. I found Tap Inspect and decided to give it a try. After working out the bugs and learning the ins and outs I'm more then happy with this app and they just keep improving it all the time. I no longer use HG software as the Tap Inspect app is so much faster and user friendly. I have been using the Tap Inspect for close to two years now and only worry about two years from now when the iPhone will most likely be extinct. Tom Thomas Phoenix AZ and Puerto Penasco Mexico

Excellent, easy to use

I've been doing inspections for over 20 years and have tried many inspection programs and apps including several others available here. TapInspect is easy to use, very versatile and yet an easy learning curve. Support is great and I look forward to future revisions.

Must have App what a time saver!

Great app, I've been using the app for over two years. Mike and his team listen to all recommendations and do a great job implementing them with updates. Keep up the great work!!

iPad version

I must admit, I love this app... I've completely configured it so I can produce reports on site. My inspections take approximately 30 minutes longer but when I leave I'm done. For that I give ***** stars. However, my reasoning for the one star review....... I have been told on four separate occasions over 18 -24 months that the iPad version will be out shortly. The process to review the report on the iPad is simply not smooth due to lack of compatibility. Maybe I'm being pedantic but it would be better if I was told its not in the works rather than given the run around. Add to this, they clearly mislead by showing the app on the iPad on there website.

This app has been making my job a breeze!

This is a great app for me. Makes an inspection a breeze and with the experiences I have had with customer service, I have to give it five stars. Please understand, I don't think this app is perfect, what app is? But I do appreciate how it has made my inspections look more professional than ever, the hard work put into making customers like me happy, and the commitment to make the app better with each update.

Tap inspect

This app saves me over 90 minutes per report. It is the best home inspection software out there. I can't recommend it enough.


I do love this app!

It's a great start BUT

By noon tomorrow this app should be up and running as a full blown IPAD app. I know it will work on the ipad as a iphone conversion but cmon. Keep up the good work though.

Good app for full inspections

Very good customer service , updates has been done , ability to do wind mitigation is a must after allinspection is gone , we need someone upload the software


The app looks promising but I am wondering if it will support reports for TREC and an iPad app.

Have to create an account

You have to create an account with your email address in order to use this app.

WI Home Inspector

Love this software. It works great and is easy to use and modify. Wish it had the ability to email inspection agreements and the ability to put a picture of front and back of house on cover page. I think it's a little pricey for it's monthly subscription cost but happy with product.

Owner, Second Look Home Inspection

I can't say enough good about this program. I am a new home inspector with a background in construction. I have been in the inspection business for a year. When beginning, I used the trial versions of many different software manufacturers that were created for home inspections. The others seemed to require way too many components, such as a device to perform the inspection with, an office computer to upload the reports to in order to complete them and print them, and a camera to take the pictures with. I use an iPhone 4, and found that this program fits every need for my small, but personal business. The other reality of the so called "big boy" programs was the cost. Most of them were outrageous with charges to buy it, charges to update it, and so on. Tap Inspect has none of that. It is a simple to use program in which you pay just for what you use. Major thumbs up!! I have spoken with Mr. Wirth on the telephone and via email and have been completely satisfied on all occasions with the sincere desire to create a product that was both completely useful and cost effective. I have NOT had any of the issues that others talk about on these reviews. This program creates a very professional an informative report. Keep up the great work Tap Inspect!!!

Keeps getting better!

I have been using tap inspect since March and I think it is great. Any issues with crashing have been quickly addressed and this young program just keeps getting better. I have cut my report writing time down by more than 50 percent. Customer service is always right there any time I have had a question or a problem. Thanks! Greg Bruce Bruce Home Inspections, Columbus Ohio

Great app,

I have been using Tap Inspect since March 2011. It really helps streamline the report so it is more to the point than others I have used. Michael Worth and his tech support are second to none! I had some glitches in the beginning. An issue occurred on an inspection. I call tech support and had the problem solved so I could continue with the inspection. Since then there have been many updates to address issues. The software keeps getting better all the time. Instead of being called Crash Inspect, this software is really "CASH INSPECT" , because my reporting time has been cut in half! Keep up the good work Michael!

Crash Inspect

I give it two stars for a good idea! This app should be called crash inspect. I downloaded the new version and the application continues to crash and dropout. (iPone4s). The application is not free. There is a $60 fee associated with using the inspection program and uploading it to an off-site server. It's the only way you can get the report to your client.. As of yet you cannot add red arrows or circles to your images to pinpoint a defect or deficiency. The application is a great idea, however, it needs more refinement. I would buy this application for a one-time fee of $30.selected uploaded to my own hard drive and if there was the ability to add red arrows or circles to pinpoint defects and deficiencies in photographs.

I like it a lot!

I like this app so far. I don't get all the neg. comments here and online and was actually not going to try it. You can certainly do a whole inspection with this app but I see the use being for smaller type inspections ie: it would be perfect for Wind mits, 4 points, roof certs. and the like. I like being able to edit the templates to hide or show or change the content. It's intuitive and easy to use. The dev put a lot of thought into the design and GUI. Drill your way in then back out after the edit or change just like an iPhone should work. I don't like the report model paying for each report. I would rather cough the money out up front instead of being tied to dev the rest of my life. Besides that, probably THE BEST in it's class app out there right now. Don't believe the neg comments. It's a great app. Keep up the good work dev.! PS If there were a way to reuse information such as Client info that would be even cooler!

Good app

App works great. Needs an iPad specific app and be able to edit photos with arrows and text. Plus an editable library or ability to edit current library.

Too basic

I am not an inspector, but even for me, it's too simple in content.

Wanted to like it, but was very disappointed...

An iPhone app for creating home inspection reports. Wow. Great idea. But unless you are a member of InterNachi you'll very quickly discover that the only reason this app can only be used by those who really have no idea what a home inspection is, or by those who are only interested in producing a report that would only please a real estate agent who has reached rock bottom. No self-respecting, professional home inspector will be able to use this app. I was very surprised to discover that there is no desktop app to sync to. Unfortunately, what you see is what you get. And, sad to say, that ain't much. This app falls just way too short of the mark to be useful. And, for what you get for your money, it's pretty darn pricey. And I know what I'm talking about.


Our company loves this APP. It has been perfect for our in-house inspections. It's intelligently designed and flows very nicely. To the other reviewer talking about "pretend inspectors" -I wouldn't hesitate to assume that he's a home inspector and feels a little intimidated that his job may become a a little outdated because of the advent of easy-to-use APPs such as this. What does my company need a home inspector for? -I've got all the tools right here!


Holy bejeezus! People actually produce a report with this? For money? It seems more like a toy to play pretend inspector.


We have used other computerized programs and have found TapInspect has streamlined computerized home inspection reporting with digitalized photos. TapInspect has cut down our in office hours by giving the ability to have the report be completed on site and emailed to client and realtor before leaving the property. This process has also increased our business as word spread around that there is no waiting with our reports like other home inspectors. 2 thumbs up to the TapInspect team. Well worth any price they charge. PRICELESS

Pay app

I down loaded and then found out I had to purchase. This is not FREE.

Love it...

Love the new features. Suggestions: once item in trash there should be a way to clear the trash. Ability to customize suggestions would be helpful.

Update is Great

Update and customizable templates are great. Huge time-saver.

Saves time

Saves time by taking photos in the report as you go, no more importing pic. Can work on the report anywhere with no bulky laptop to hall around. The updated software is awesome! Better than just a good basic inspection report.

Even Better

The improvments just make it even better. Loving it.

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